Public Relation in Israel

If you wish to get Israeli press coverage in English, French, Russian or in Hebrew there are many foreign channels and local news in Hebrew press that would love to cover your story, product or service you wish to share with the Israeli public.

Since the press has a big influence on public opinion, it is very important to take part of different new coverages in various journalism sections depending on your subject.

Why choose to work with Us?

If you are looking for Public Relations in Israel you should work with us from here since we know the foreign and local Israeli press media best. The Press today is very dynamic, newspapers close & open all the time, new sites, new programs and changes among reporters. Therefore, we keep being updated with what's new right now!

Our office, works mainly on consumerism and lifestyle. We offer press releases for New Gadgets, Applications, High Tech Startups, Products, Culinary, Beverages, Cultural Events, Tourism, Fitness, Health, Fashion & Care Products.

The office offers a personal touch to our clients and walks them through from the beginning: interviews by phone to live television, working on bringing new ideas to differentiation, collaboration, writing press releases and giving scans of all press items to our clients.

If you wish to start seeing results in the press, find out today if you have a winner product, service or a show.

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